A Bell Of Hope

For 36 days we have had to do basically one thing: get up and walk. Santiago has called us forward and now we are only 2 days away. I have slept in 36 different beds along the way.

Each day of walking brings with it some unknown territory. Will we get a bed? How much farther? Who will be at the next town? Is there a bathroom close (besides the ever-present nature’s bathroom)? Sometimes it is hard to keep your mind on the present and enjoy what is unfolding right before your eyes. 

A couple days ago, I wrote this in my journal: {When you are walking in an unfamiliar place for a long time and you have no idea how much farther you need to go, wonder, questions and maybe even a bit of worry begins to creep into the space you want reserved only for good thoughts. 

Today’s walk was beautiful. The weather was perfect and the path easy. And still, at one point I wondered, “How much farther?” Then, in that moment, the sound of the next town’s churchbell reached my ears to say, “You are almost here – keep walking.” When I heard the bell, hope rushed through me and landed at my soul. I smiled a content, happy, satisfied smile. That is the power of hope. It dissolves wonder and worry and ushers in trust. Hope says, “You’re OK and everything is going to be OK.” Hope brings Shalom peace, perfect and complete peace, with it.}

The bell let me know I was on the right path and close to what I needed. I pray you hear the bell of hope often and know what you need is close. Keep walking. 

~Buen Camino