Still Walking

Today I woke up in Turkey. Don’t worry, I planned to be here. 🙂 But if you would’ve asked me a few years ago? I would not have predicted this.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. This past season of life has been filled with ups and downs, sharp corners and surprises that weren’t welcomed or foreseen. I know I’m not alone in this. We, as humans, are not immune to these roller coaster rides of life. It’s something we all have in common.

Nicolas Herrmann was no stranger to this. But there was something that he figured out along the way. He figured out how to walk in peace. To have peace with you, whether you are washing dishes or in prayer, is something I want to learn. I drift away from it so often and have so much to learn about living this way. This man, also known as Brother Lawrence, “lived his life, as though he were a singing pilgrim on the march.” (The Practice of the Presence of God)

The purpose of this trip to Turkey is to go on a pilgrimage called the Footsteps of Paul. We will be traveling throughout Turkey and Greece to walk where the Apostle Paul has gone before. I hope our travels teach us to walk in the peace of His presence. To learn from those gone before us. I hope as I share the journey, you too will be inspired as we learn together.

Thanks for walking with me. For being on this life pilgrimage too. For not giving up. I wrote in my journal this morning:

Still wondering

Still hurting

Still healing

Still walking

As I sit in the courtyard of our hotel here in Turkey, I am hopeful that as we move along, we will learn how to settle into that place called peace as those who have gone before us have done. And we would know without hesitation, that everything is going to be worked out as long as we are still walking.

5 thoughts on “Still Walking

  1. Thanks Sharon for sharing this. I am on another health roller coaster which I plan to write on the Prayer Line. So many have shared those words with me — Keep putting one step in front of the other, do not give up on my various crafts, stay in community, and focus on Abba Father. I BIG task but I’m committed!
    Donna Elftmann

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