We Walk For The Bread

Bread, bread and more bread. It is a staple at every meal here in Spain. After being “bread free” for a year at home, indulging in the culture of bread here is a treat. One day, as we were walking the way, my son Scott shouted back to me, “We walk for the bread!” And so we walked, thinking of our next meal with the goodness of that fresh, crusty bread. 

We have made great sacrifices for that bread; blisters, an injured knee, stomach flu, sunburn, and a stumble into some itch/burning weed… All that and we are just on our 16th day – just over 30% – of our pilgrimage to Santiago. We have earned that bread!

It made me think, of course, how important it is to know that with God, no sacrifices are required. We don’t have to ‘earn’ the Bread of Life, He is a gift. 

Jesus says, “Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ Matthew 9:13 (see also Hebrews 10) Jesus doesn’t need us to make sacrifices. He doesn’t want us to live in a posture of having to earn His goodness. 

This is a freeing thought to me as Scott and I begin to walk our way through the wilderness part of The Camino. The Meseta. There is little shade here and the road is long; lined with wheat fields as far as the eye can see.

I hope to remember daily that I can trust the manna we need will be provided daily. I don’t have to sacrifice to get it. All we have to do is get up and walk. 

Buen Camino!

3 thoughts on “We Walk For The Bread

  1. Thank you for this encouragement, Sharon. So thankful we don’t have to earn the Bread of Life.

    Ugh, stomach flu! I hope that was short-lived and that the blisters and knee pain are healing.

    Praying for you both. Thanks for the pics!

    Love you!

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