First Discoveries

This week I did something for the first time. What I did won’t seem too exciting for many. But to me, it was a big deal.  Discovering, experiencing and overcoming things for the first time feeds my soul. So this week I celebrate. After a year of NOT doing what I set out as goals for myself I finally did it. I woke up at 6:30 am and “walked-jogged” four 5K’s in a row.

Now let me be clear before we imagine what is not true. When I say I “walk-jogged” I mean I walked most of the 3.1 miles and jogged for 20 seconds every 1/4 mile. And to be more honest, when I say jog? My jogging means a pace where my 27 year-old daughter Rachel walked fast next to my “jogging.”

The more important part of this endeavor was noticing that doing something for the first time – even after 50 – is good for my soul.

Life-giving experiences compel us to keep going; to keep looking for things that bring joy. This could look a million different ways. Even though I’ve walked hundreds of miles, to add “jogging” like this was a first. Even though I’ve taken a lot of photographs, to post them publicly is a first. Or, perhaps its going somewhere you’ve never been, meeting someone you’ve never met, eating somewhere you’ve never eaten before. Take a class, learn new skills, study and teach something, volunteer somewhere new with people you don’t know. You get the picture. Discovery comes in many shapes and forms.

Doing things for the first time carries a sense of awe – a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and satisfaction. It is the place where we can say, “Look what I did!” and be proud of our capability and our triumph. Trying new things challenges our brains and our hearts to keep working! And discovering things for the first time connects us to a bigger world.

This week, notice the small things that are firsts for you – like trying a new coffee or reading a new book. Celebrate them. And then, take time to think about the things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t said yes to them yet. I’m aiming for a 5K on Thanksgiving Day – another first. Is there something you are thinking about trying? Have you ever said to yourself, “I want to do that.”?

I say go for it. Get up and walk. Discover new things for the first time and notice how it brings joy to your soul.



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